Aryan Tripathi: A True Tale Of A Dynamic Youth With A Hunger To Succeed

Aryan Tripathi

The youth who inspired generations to come

A story of a popular influencer who has given life lessons and shared his journey with the mass at a very young age. He defied the stereotypical notion that formal education and degrees are mandatory to succeed in life. He proved that nothing matters if you are focused and eager to learn and grow.

A Humble Beginning of Aryan Tripathi

Aryan started his entrepreneurial venture at the age of 12, in a small village near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He had a humble background; his father was a security in charge with a mere monthly income of nine thousand rupees. His mother run a small school with a handful of students which was neither a profitable avenue to earn. Being the only child in the family, he was a pampered one. All his wishes were fulfilled at least once a year, on the special occasion of his birthday. Knowing this, he wanted a computer for his 12thbirthday, which was a big thing to ask. To oblige with his demand, his father managed to buy an old computer, that overwhelmed the teenager. They set it up on the floor as they couldn’t afford a table. For internet connectivity, Aryan travelled with his father the next morning to the nearby shop which was 17 kilometer’s away from their village. After a little negotiation, they bought a net setter at 1100 rupees which was the maximum they could afford. This event was surely the very first milestone in his life.

First Entrepreneurial Stint

In the next few days, Aryan set up the computer with lots of difficulties as the internet connectivity was poor and the computer was not an advanced one. He started searching for money-making videos and options online. Eventually, he found out that he needs to create a channel first and set up a brand of his own to become successful. Slowly he became popular, as the number of subscribers grew to a few thousand. Aryan started earning from the ads on his videos through Facebook. People started to recognize him and became curious about his work. He got an opportunity to shoot and edit videos for people. This opened a new avenue for him to earn more money. He learned the basics of shooting with a professional camera, to edit videos. Through the process, he made a lot of mistakes but learned a lot eventually. Within a few years, he knew how to shoot videos, and edit them and he also learned the basics about Shopify and Facebook ads. Without any professional courses or certifications, he managed to excel in the field of digital marketing.

Steps Towards Greater Success

With increasing popularity and demand in the market, he started earning a decent amount on a regular basis. This sufficed for paying the fees for his education and other necessities. He bought his first car at the age of 17. This was a distant dream for most teenagers his age from middle-income groups. Being able to achieve this milestone, he grew very confident in his abilities, and his dreams expanded their wings further.

Aryan Tripathi: Story of an aspirant who made his dreams come true at a very young age

First Taste Of Failure and Defying The Odds

During this time, one day he got an offer to sell his channel from an unknown source. Thinking it was a prank, he didn’t pay heed and casually quoted $900 as the price. To his astonishment, the person readily agreed and the next morning he found the money transferred to his PayPal account. Overwhelmed, he asked the person what he does for a living. He wanted to learn the success mantra of the person who was ready to buy his channel at whatever price he quoted. He knew the person was earning more than him and he wanted to replicate the same model. He was eager to know by whichever means he can grow himself further. The person introduced him to the concept of drop shipping. He also offered Aryan to edit the course he had created on the same topic. It was a win-win situation for both. While editing the course, not only Aryan was able to brushup his English communication skills, but he also learned about drop shipping and how to make money out of it. He started dreaming of growing his money manifold with this model. He invested two lakhs on his first stint but unfortunately, that failed miserably. He was able to earn only1500 rupees out of his investment. After losing almost all the savings that he made through the years, he was disappointed. But Aryan was not among the people who would lament and take a step backward in fear of loss. He knew he had nothing to lose. He was still in high school, and his studies could still be funded by his family. He decided to start from scratch and look for other safer avenues to make money.

Current Engagements

Aryan started his entrepreneurship journey in the year 2015. Two years later, he founded Adymize, an advertising agency that supports businesses in building their own brand. His client portfolio includes the names like MBA Chaiwala, Namhya Food, Astro Arun Pandit, and many more. These brands have got immense popularity online as well as in social media platforms with effective brand-building tactics of Aryan. He has helped several startups and businesses to generate a whopping revenue of 248 crore INR. Adymize is an official Meta business partner, certified Shopify partner, and Google advertising partner. His expertise in the advertising field gives the much-needed promotion to new businesses to gain popularity in a short time. Recently, Aryan has built a SaaS platform named for businesses and freelancers to launch their products or services in a few simple steps. He helps brands and businesses reach new heights and reach business objectives by giving them the right exposure and reaching out to a large customer base online. The valuation of both companies stands at more than 50 crores INR at the current date. 

Other Achievements

Aryan Tripathi has been a pioneer in the brand consulting and digital marketing field. He is a well-known Josh Talk and TEDx speaker. He has also been featured in media publications by Yahoo, Outlook, Zee Business, DNA India, Hindustan Times, Republic Bharat, and many more. A college dropout with big ambitions, who stopped his studies midway to achieve a bigger goal, he has set an example for the youth and inspired them to dream big. He gave lectures and inspired the youth at various colleges, universities, and events.

The Mantra Behind Success

Aryan was an ambitious child from childhood. When other kids his age were mostly absorbed in several modes of entertainment, he was determined to earn money and provide his parents with all luxuries in life. He started very early and by the age of sixteen, he hit a milestone of earning INR 1 lakh with his work. Aryan had been consistent and open-minded in learning new things and taking risks. He believes in coming out of one’s comfort zone and grabbing opportunities as and when they arise. He followed this golden rule and believed that he had nothing to lose but has so much to gain. This hunger to achieve success and earn money has opened new doors and taught him the most valuable life lessons. He has faced multiple failures but was never bogged down. He took these failures as lessons and moved ahead with the learnings. To conclude, we can say that a positive attitude combined with dedication to his work has led him to achieve big in life. He has shown a path to today’s generation where anyone with talent and aspirations can be successful in life. He has also defied the common belief that a fancy degree from a premium university is the only way to become a successful entrepreneur. With his undying spirit and hunger for growth, he reached such heights that many strive to achieve in many years into their career.

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