GoDaddy Hosting – Things you should know to get ready

When you think of website hosting and domains, there are a few names that have made an impression. And GoDaddy is one such domain provider with a great first impression. With over 70 million domains including some of the really popular ones, GoDaddy hosting is among the largest hosting providers in the market. And, for those of you who are managing a website or looking to get a domain, you would have already got many recommendations for a GoDaddy domain.  

There is no competing view that GoDaddy is probably the best and most popular one-stop-shop for web hosting and domains. But, do you know what all do they offer, their features, and how do they perform against other competing domain registrars?


Here are some things worth knowing and getting ready for GoDaddy,

Lots of products and service offerings

When you aim to be big, you have got to do bigger things. And that’s what these guys have done. With GoDaddy, you can find dozens of services catered around most of the modern website verticals. You can choose from web hosting, domains, online marketing, email management, WordPress, web security, and more. And each of the services is nicely packed into their subscription packages. Ranging from ‘Economy’ starter packs to the premium ‘Maximum’.


One-stop-shop for your website

If you are looking to go big with your website or transfer domain to GoDaddy, you get everything you need under one roof. From getting a domain, hosting a website, SEO support to marketing, and email registrations. It is a great platform for businesses that want a complete solution for their website.


Some ups and downs


For someone new to website building and hosting, it is often difficult to understand or navigate with such tools. But, with GoDaddy, the interface is quite friendly and intuitive. Furthermore, one of the great highlights is the server performance. You get great speed and uptime, even with some heavy websites and designs. Specialized high-performance servers for WordPress are also amazing, even with numerous plugin loads. And with storage, there is no scope of the complaint, it is more than enough.


However, you might find GoDaddy packages a little expensive compared to other services. Also, you don’t get back up and security certificates within the subscription, rather you have to spend on these add-ons. And lastly, you don’t have staging areas of code repositories, which might disappoint some developers.


Key highlights of the GoDaddy hosting

Speaking of performance and rating GoDaddy hosting plan and services on various aspects, it is definitely a top performer. The domain name availability and registration is quite seamless. Based on the subscription, they are quite generous with the email registration count, You can also integrate Godaddy Outlook if you want to leverage the Outlook features. A 100 GB web space in the basic pack isn’t impressive but decent for starters. In terms of traffic, there is no actual limit irrespective of your subscription, so that gets some bonus points. The servers are quite responsive and reliable uptime, boosting the score higher. Though you might find some unhappy consumers, Godaddy’s support is competitively better than others out there. 


Final Thoughts

So, overall, it is a good place to set up your business website and leverages the benefits of the GoDaddy ecosystem. If you are planning to put your foot down and invest in setting up a website, spending a little more wouldn’t hurt. But, if you are still uncertain and just looking to test the waters, you should consider a short term subscription. Or maybe try out some other hosting services with the basic infrastructure and offerings. 

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