Google Keyword Planner: An action guide for your keyword research

When you think of websites and search, you need to discuss SEO. And SEO brings along keywords, search phrases, content, and much more. Although the SEO metric has evolved over the years and now has numerous complex combinations of factors. Keywords still play a key role in driving SEO and driving traffic. And, there is the most challenging part, finding the right keywords to boost your website and reach the audience. But, Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool that you can leverage for simplifying this for your website.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the many tools that are part of the Google Adwords package. And it specifically designed to help webmasters with keyword research and strategies. So, to use this for your website, you have to setup a Google Adwords Login account. You don’t have to run any ads or programs here, just having an account is enough.

Sidenote: Google Keyword Planner is free and you don’t have to spend any money. So, while creating an account, look for ‘Create an account without a campaign’ when it asks you to select a campaign type.

Once the account is ready, open the ‘Tools’ section on the top-right corner and choose ‘Keyword Planner’. And Google redirects you to the tool and its various options.

The tool covers a major part of all you need for your keyword research. Whether it is for finding new keywords for your website or business; or tracking the performance and relevance of your keywords.

Now that we have everything up and running, let’s jump into finding keywords for your business website.

Searching new keywords for your website

On the Google Keyword Planner home page, select ‘Discover New Keywords’, and here we can perform all sorts of searches for the business.

Unless you have something specific in mind, you can put in some words or phrases that best describe your business. Or you can list down some services that you offer ( you can put up to 10 words/phrases at a time). You can also link to websites that are related to your business.

And in no time, you would have hundreds of keyword ideas listed for you. To one-up this, the tool also gives you details on how useful a keyword suggestion is. For each of the ideas, it gives a rough estimate of average monthly search count and the corresponding bids (high and low). Furthermore, you can check out how competitive is the keyword usage is.

Checking the stats, forecasts and performance for your keywords

Finding new keywords and some fancy phrases etc are all ok, but what about the ones you are already using. You can’t just scrap them and move on. Google Adwords Keyword tools have got you covered. With the ‘Get Search Volume and Forecasts section, you can see how your keywords perform.

Put in the list of keywords you are using and Google will evaluate the clicks, impressions and click-through-rate.

Keyword search volumes and ROI


Efficient and User-Friendly Option

All these results and too many keywords can be overwhelming. And, considering that this is a Google tool, you can assume that there will some great user-friendly add-ons.

The tool offers you a variety of cosmetic features to filter, sort, categorize, and analyse results to make your research convenient. You can sort and filter keyword results by various parameters.

  1. Location – Find the keywords that are popular in your area of business or locality
  2. Language – See the results that match the language of your website or that of your target audience.
  3. Date Range – Sort the results by date to pick the ones that are trending these days.

You can further filter them based on the competition ranking, their bids, search ranges, or the ones that have a specific word. There are just a lot of options that you can choose from.

Final thoughts and next steps

The Google Adwords platform is a really powerful platform to drive advertising campaigns. And the Keyword planner is a great tool to begin a successful website SEO. You can also integrate the Keyword Planner with other Google tools like the Search Console, Google Analytics and more. If you are looking for Google Adwords certification, this is the right time to sign up and start your journey.

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