‘Khushhal’ – Beauty of a brother-sister bond

'Khushhal' - Beauty of a brother-sister bond

Only bibliophiles know what it takes to read. How astonishing it is to read. Reading takes us out of this world. Like me, if you also love reading books that have emotions, and you want something relatable, do read Khushhal.  Recently, I read Khushhal written by Pratyusha Reddy. I read it, and I was in another world. It seems the author has written my personal experiences in her book.

About the Khushhal book

The book Khushhal is a dedication to sister-brother love. It is the debut book of Pratyusha Reddy but what a performance.

This 22-year-old girl has written this book expressing all the beautiful moments she has lived with her brother. Pratyusha Reddy wrote this book in the name of her brother.

The word Khushhal means someone who stays happy in every situation. The sibling relationship is guarantedly the same. To show the happiness of this relation, the author has named her debut book Khushhal.


Pratyusha Reddy has written this book expressing her emotions and love towards her brother. From the beginning to the end, she has mentioned all the experiences that made her childhood beautiful. The author has written how she used to be jealous of her brother in her childhood because she had to share her parent’s love with him. She has written junctures where her brother supported her and helped her. She nailed it by writing all the ridiculous moments.

My favourite experiences from the Khushhal book

The author shares one of the incidents where she tried to hurt her brother out of jealousy. She took the sickle and ran into the room where her brother was sleeping intending to injure him via that tool.
She has also written that the duo loved playing cricket indoors and every time they damaged something. Afterwards, their mom used to beat them. Both of them used to cry for an hour and again started playing cricket.
This year the author turned 22, and her brother made her day. She has mentioned the efforts of her brother that made her emotional.

My thought

I was still when I completed this book. I recalled all the memories with my sibling. It seems the author shares a strong bond with her brother. Every single page will give you another level of excitement.

As this book is based on siblings love, a person from any age group can read it. From a 12-year-old kid to a 70-year-old person, this book will win hearts. I recommend every person to give it a read just once.

This book is apt to give as a gift to your sibling to express your love. This book beautifully shows that all the fun you had in your childhood was worthy.

A poem by author in the beginning and some pictures at the end beautify this book more. You will laugh, cry, and get excited. In short, you will relive your childhood via this book. At places, you will realise that you too have experienced the same.


To enjoy this book more, do read it with your brother or sister and live this book together. You will end up teasing each other. It is worth reading. It is a perfect combination of comedy, seriousness, emotions, support, fun and quarrel.


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