SEO vs. PPC: What is best for your business?


It’s a long debate over from the past till present date. This question is often asked by a businessman who starts a new business or wants to implement these things. In reality, it totally depends on your requirements and your current situation with respect to the marketplace.

SEO is the search engine optimization while the PPC is the Pay per click. SEO is used to generate traffic by providing the targeting the right audience. The PPC is the art of marketing where an advertiser has to pay a defined fee when the ad is clicked.

Discussing all of them one by one taking all merits and demerits in mind:

SEO vs PPC: Which Is Better for your Business


The pros of SEO are as follows:

• Branding: Targeting the advertisement over a particular website. This gets you the positive and more targeted traffic rate. It also provides visibility over the commercial search information and terms related queries which uplift your business.

• Perception: Here the loyal customers are targeted. The purpose is to get a good traffic rate and converting them into the customers.

• Web Traffic generation: It helps in increasing the traffic rate that with respect it gives the business more opportunity and more highlights.

• Cost per Click: The traffic generated from the search are here free. Here direct charges are not implemented on every hit.

• ROI (Return on investment): SEO helps in providing the organic search that improves ROI improves upon the PPC.

• Cost: The cost of SEO tool is not too cheap or too high. It is cost effective that delivers the tactics to boost your sales and marketing.


The pros of the PPC are as follows:

• Ads Improvement: PPC provides the improved ads that are more granular controlled more spacious marketing columns or boxes, calls, messages, location, pricing, bullet points, and site links. These help in dominating the pages. 

• Position: The position of the ads really matters PPC chooses a location from where the page it will be dominated.

• Visual Ads: The ads are displayed on the screen using your search screen. This lets you remind the users of their searched item and an advertisement is always on the screen related to the search.

• Speed and Time: In organic searching, it takes time to get visible but in PPC it’s the rampage it gets up in weeks or in few days only.

• Marketing strategic intelligence: The organic search vitalizes the keywords and it hides the keywords due to privacy but in PPC there is no such restriction that is performed.

• Cost: Many investors believe that the PPC account can be managed at a low cost. Based on the local and geographical coverage it helps you to target the specific region and hence cost effective.


Comparison between SEO and PPC depends on the business situation. Local business requires less competition with little assets it can be done by the SEO tool or DIY SEO tools targeting a specific area or locality.

A big e-commerce business is going to struggle from the organic search for them PPC is the best option to cover the audience.