Shaurya Gupta – An Embodiment of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Shaurya Gupta

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.’ – John C Maxwell.

This is especially true for the young Delhi man who became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in 2019.

Leadership is a hard-earned skill, and how you conduct your business reflects your dint and merit.

Shaurya Gupta, now 24 years old, inspires the Indian youth to remain steadfast in their dreams and keep the courage to pursue them!

The light of success had always been in his sight but was still unreachable. Through many trials and errors, Shaurya Gupta refused to give up.

Therefore, he is now running his own acclaimed business that is famous throughout India.

Let us find out how he turned his ambitions into a lucrative reality and what you stand to learn from his life story!  

Shaurya Gupta – The young and accomplished entrepreneur

From Shaurya Gupta’s Linkedin profile, it becomes clear how much time and effort went into establishing himself in the business industry.

He has over 20 unique skills with over 20 endorsements across his skills profile.

Present times

Shaurya Gupta is the CEO and founder of and is a motivational and public speaker.

Early Life

The future founder and director of were born in a small town called Noida in Delhi, India, in 1998.

He comes from a humble family consisting of his younger brother and mother. In his presentation with Josh Talks on YouTube, Shaurya recollects the hardships.

His father died when they were still young due to medical complications. Since then, his mother has had to bear the burden of running the entire family.

Two children still growing up made things difficult in the Gupta household. Shaurya Gupta remembers what his mother had told him.

He completed his XII from Somerville School and started looking for a good college during the interim period. But he could not make it for some reason or another.

After he did not meet the cut-off marks for Delhi University, he was left heartbroken. In 2017, he would complete his BBA from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

The initial sparks of ambition

Noida is one of the well-known industrial sectors in Delhi. Shaurya Gupta comes from a heavily industrialized part of Noida, where factories were more abundant than homes.

He and his brother would see countless people shuffling to work in those factories in the early hours. So many kinds of people would come and go from those plantations.

Amidst the black smoke of the factories and the sky-reaching high-rises, a dream was born. They wanted to reach the pinnacle of success.

They also wanted to start a popular business that could hire people to work for them. This was the start of a kindle that would take time to materialize.

But when it did, it would surprise not only Shaurya Gupta himself but his family too!

First Startup and struggles

Every problem has a solution; it may sometimes just need another perspective.’ – Katherine Russell.

Shaurya Gupta starts thinking about how he could change his current situation and deal with his rejections.

But then, an incident changed the direction of his life forever.

The idea behind his first start-up came about when he saw his mother slapping a man for parking his car for five hours outside of their home.

Shaurya Gupta wondered if the man had even known that people were annoyed because he had parked wrongfully.

So, in his own words – ‘We found a problem, then started looking for solutions.’ He named the enterprise ‘’ Now, let us see how this journey unfurled! start-up of Shaurya Gupta

‘Press the button and remove your car’ was the tagline of his first business venture. The concept behind the business was simple.

You can ask someone to remove their parked car from anywhere you find troublesome. You must log in to the website and leave your requests.

The initial success of the business

The website amassed quite a big following in the neighboring locations of Noida and Delhi as a whole.

Many politicians and big names in the region reportedly used the website and praised Shaurya Gupta.

This brought a glimpse of hope to the young man who had big dreams and aspirations.

Limitations of the business

Though the idea behind the business was unique, and Shaurya tried his best to manage every aspect of running a site, he ran into serious problems.

The website helped people address their grievances over parking, but there needed to be a source of income.

Since he was still young and learning, he needed to figure out how he should marketize his content on the website. Putting up advertisements on his website was difficult too.

Soon, he had to source the money to keep his website operating from other people, including his mother. This was not a sustainable way for him to continue.

Therefore, one day, he had to stop using his website.

Getting back up – Failures becoming stepping stones to success

After Shaurya Gupta had to stop the operations from his start-up, he was back to ground zero. He had no idea what he should do with his life.

He had put his entirety into starting the business. His brother got into a good college, but he could not. The struggles he had to face only doubled.

Feeling deeply unmotivated, he still clung to hope. He remembered the dreams he had. He knew what he wanted to do but needed to figure out how he could turn it into a reality.

It became evident that he could not allow himself to give up. So, he carried on. He went to over thirty interviews in over two months.

During that time, he admittedly had no idea what a CV was or how he could make it and use it to his advantage. This was another failure that he had to face.

He was not selected for any interviews, which significantly strained his confidence.   

How ₹250 changed Shaurya Gupta’s life

Shaurya Gupta’s life

As he was completely new to the job-hunting market, Shaurya Gupta came to see the intricacies of the processes.

Some jobs offered less than minimum wage, while others had tasks that were too complicated to understand.

Some jobs require you to make a hefty payment before you get the chance to earn for yourself.

All these complications in the interview process alone made him feel that people with no expertise or idea could feel trapped there.

He then went to a place where they offered to pay him if he could refer the job to people and bring them in.

Already struggling and facing financial problems, Shaurya Gupta decided to withdraw the little bit of money left in his account.

With that ₹250, he printed pamphlets and distributed them. But this process was not easy. He had to resist his brother, who did not want him to do this work.

A follower of Bhagat Singh’s teachings, Shaurya Gupta remembered that this was his fight.

He struggled for so long and would not let it go to waste. He would do it no matter how big or small a job was. So, he continued to distribute pamphlets.

The first glimpse of success

The first light of success reached him suddenly. He was doing his work, distributing pamphlets for hours, when he received a call.

The company he distributed the leaflets called him and said that someone he had referred got the job. For that, he was going to receive ₹2500.

This was the most significant breakthrough he had had so far. His month-long hard work was paying off! But now he faced another dilemma.

What would he do with his money? Was he going to spend it, or would he use it innovatively? Let us find out!

JobKhabri – The project that illuminated the way

How do you start a successful business? Having great ideas is essential, but there are other pillars upon which your enterprise should stand. Then what else do you need?

Good communication skills and knowing how to sell or pitch a product are also essential. Shaurya Gupta took note of the way he ran his first start-up.

He also compiled the knowledge of his experiences when searching for jobs. Taking all of these factors into account, along with referring people to a job, he made a breakthrough.

He would use the money he earned to start a company of his own. This time, he would target a demographic that faced the same problem.

His company’s target audience was large, and he could sell them the pitch. Thus, came into being.

Initially, he worked alone. He would provide people with job information but not take any money from them. Slowly, he started to see some profits, but he needed more.

The first failure

Even when things seemed to go as he wanted, Shaurya Gupta faced many problems running this company. He was a novice at that time and needed to learn how to hire people.

 Since his money was limited, he could only employ a few people. But he had hired someone who charged more than what their position entailed.

When Shaurya Gupta could not pay their salary, he had to stop the business operations again.

The second failure

A company does not operate functionally from the start. There are many processes and many ups and downs that happen in the background.

To make something take flight, you must be prepared for obstacles and incidents that hinder your progress. Something similar happened with Shaurya Gupta.

Even though he desperately held on to his hopes, things did not improve suddenly. But refusing to give up and start searching for jobs once more, he tried again.

This time he carefully hired people. Every business has some core principles or motivations intrinsic to its brand.

To Shaurya Gupta, they needed to refrain from taking money for the job information they provided to job seekers through their company.

But one day, one employee broke that principle. Due to this reason, he had to stop business operations once more. He refused to compromise on his code.

In running a successful business, a leader must know when to make compromises. And Shaurya Gupta was firm in his ideals.

The third attempt

Despite his problems several times in his career, Shaurya Gupta did not give up on his dreams. He started JobKhabri company again and, this time, acted strategically.

Instead of hiring many people, he chose two employees after careful consideration. It is a tale of moving forward and never looking back.

 In 2019, Shaurya Gupta became one of the youngest entrepreneurs to run a successful and innovative company with a dedicated team.

Their website draws in hundreds of aspirants looking for jobs and receiving the help they seek. Achieving success was never a linear evolution for Shaurya Gupta.

 But one constant thing in his career was his zeal and belief in himself.

The JobKhabri network

The company’s official website celebrates five years of success, helping job seekers and other companies find suitable candidates.

People now hail it as one of the fastest-growing networks of online recruitment not only in Noida but in India.

The website boasts that Shaurya Gupta and his exceptional team have helped notable companies find over 10,000 candidates.

Some of the reputable companies that have found employees from JobKhabri are:

  • Flipkart
  •  Uber
  •  Vodafone
  • Axis Bank
  •  Swiggy
  •  Zomato
  •  Paytm
  • Max Life Insurance
  • Tata
  • Just Dial
  • Dominos

The company has the option of hiring people if you are a company looking for a pool of talented and capable employees.

Or people can apply to work for some notable companies that are JobKhabri’s clients.

The team behind JobKhabri

The talented team behind the company consists of four notable and experienced people. Take a look at them at a glance!

  • Shaurya Gupta, CEO and founder of JobKhabri
  • Sanidhya Dhup, COO and Head of the Operation & Marketing
  • Suchit Nair, Chief Technical Officer and Head of the Technical & Legal
  • Sankalp Gupta, Chief Financial Officer and Head of the Innovation & Finance

Joining as a Khabri

Not only do you have the option of hiring or applying through the company’s website, but you can also be a part of the JobKhabri team.

They have the option for you to become a Khabri. This unique opportunity has opened up many opportunities for people to work doing something different.

Shaurya Gupta has attempted to help not only himself but others as well. Looking at the testimonial sections on their website, you will find many positive reviews!

Shaurya Gupta – Motivational Speaker

Shaurya Gupta is not only an entrepreneur but a motivational speaker too. He has given enlightening interviews on many campuses. He was featured on prominent shows like:

  • Dyanik Bhaskar
  • Josh Talks
  • Fever 104 FM
  • MTV DropOut
  • News 24
  • Your Dost
  • Delhi Metropolitan Education
  • Josh Skills

People can invite Shaurya Gupta as a speaker to motivate today’s youth to pursue their dreams.

Thinking differently, having a problem-solving attitude, and grinding behind your aspirations are critical features of success.

Shaurya Gupta has a charming personality that resonates with many audiences.

This, in turn, allows them to take that first step towards realizing their goals and getting close to their ambitions.

Key takeaways

As the flourishing businessman said in interviews – ‘I had the idea, I had the fire, I had the ambition. I need to make progress in my life. I did not want to be like others and follow in their footsteps.

 Shaurya Gupta proved himself time and time again. He admits that the entire process wasn’t smooth and it wasn’t easy.

It didn’t happen overnight, and there were numerous times that he struggled and came close to quitting.

But failures are not a death sentence. He embraced his mistakes and looked for the things he could improve.

He improvised in many situations, and no matter what life threw at him, he didn’t give up. When it comes to success and accomplishments, age doesn’t matter.

What matters is whether you have the vision and the determination to see it through.

In many companies where Shaurya Gupta had gone to give interviews previously, people laughed at his ambitions.

But later on, when he approached them with a contract with his own successful company, his age didn’t matter. Only his expertise and the success he achieved mattered.

Final thoughts

Many people have the ambition of becoming something big and doing something remarkable. But most fail at it because they let their failures drown the fire of their dreams.

In Shaurya Gupta’s life, failures were a constant presence. Through many hardships, he was able to make a name of his own.

Not only did he become successful, but he is also now trying to help hundreds of aspirants get an opportunity that he had to fight hard to get.

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