Social Media and Seo: Do Social Shares Really Matter for the ranking factor?

Social Media and Seo

People say that social media has become a new marketing trend that attracts more customers than it used to be. Often people mistakenly say that is just a waste of time. But in the real world, it is the trend that used to be followed or you may lack behind.

Does social media is an SEO ranking factor

It is the biggest debate on the internet these days. It not the same as the tag line seem to you. The thing over here is that the story of Seo ranking is not directly related to Ranking factor. But it somehow supports it.

There is some evidence of this that somehow it supports the ranking factor by likes, share, and other activities. Reciprocally it is linked that increases the traffic flow of the website.

What is the connection between social media and SEO?

There is no valid and causation according to Google in direct terms. But it is related to it indirectly in other stories. Social media is not direct to a ranking factor but it can amplify or improve the ranking factor.

Actually, links are the most important factors that make it an SEO ranking factor.

Social media optimization for SEO

If you want to score the maximum benefits from social media marketing then you must enter your presence. Listed a few tips will make you sure how to perform it.

  • Social Media profiles: Optimising the profiles of social media is the first priority to represent your brand in all places. Here your profile pic states as a brand icon that should be relevant with the business. You should have a relevant bio that attracts people towards you.
  • Regular posts: Regular posting make your account as an active account. It works differently on different platforms like on twitter it is common to post multiple times In the same day but it looks excessive same on Facebook or Linkedln.
  • Improvising the updates: Increasing shareability, using attractive images, easy to share content, using hashtags and always perform research before posting anything.
  • Optimizing the website content:  Creating a high quality, easy to share content, attractive and eye-catching headlines and keywords. By adding a “sharing button” on all of your content work. By also adding high-quality images, videos, and some gif files. These are the few basic things
  • Amplification and engagement: Both terms indicate the profitable presence of the person. This means that you must always improvise your content and this could only be done by devoting time on your website.

Final verdict

There are no directly related links or graphs that show that SEO is directly related to social media. But the indirectly now you came to know they are.  There is a positive correlation between both of them.

For a marketer, if you want to increase in share then you must post quality content. As well as try the paid promotion or organic promotion for better results.