The 10 Top Social Media marketing tools brands must use in 2019

Social media world

A website faces many problems related to congestion and all due to a growing number of people. Social media marketing depends on experience and advertisement. While getting ahead of the curve isn’t that easy, you can definitely smoothen your journey with the right help. Tools provide you with discovering content, publishing, analyzing and more that increases your website effectiveness. Surely using the best social media marketing tools for SEO can help in enhancing the work you that increases your quality work.

Here are some friendly tools that help in improvising the result.


Google Trends

Google trends offer a free service or can be said as a completely free tool that is created by Google. The service helps in searching trending topics and tracking the buzz. It monitors things across the globe. This is used for finding popular information at the moment.
You can also monitor the keywords of your particular specific thing. This will show you how they are doing in the past months and now a day.


Buffer Publish

When you are focusing on managing performance and aiding marketing teams, Buffer Publish is something to look for. It is a free tool that is utilized for social media marketing. Buffer Publish’s friendly design and intuitive navigation helps business and marketing teams to work according to its performance and manage all the activity as per analysis.
Additionally, the robust analysis dashboard provides what trending popular on across social media. This gets you some quick overview of what’s happening around you.



If it is worth it, everything has a price. Buzzsumo is a paid tool that allows you to observe the most shared and trending content. You can see the important terms or keywords for improving your post.
This smart tool enables you to understand your work and keeps you suggesting strategies regarding the post as per the social media requirement.



Someone said, ‘what looks good, feels good’. And that’s where graphics and images can help make your website attractive. And to help you with this, Unsplash offers a massive library that contains thousands of free professional pictures that you can use for free.
It is a very popular tool in social marketing because they help you with professional content and by polished matter.



Who hasn’t heard of this marvelous tool that helps you reveal your creative side. Canva is an platform you can use for all business purposes for online. It a great place to create beautiful graphics without professional designer. You can find many different templates, icons and several illustrative images to sue from.



This tool lets you create marketing videos. It creates the exact type of content that you were dealing from the past. It fills the gaps.


Buffer Reply

Buffer Reply helps in the engagement over the social conversation in a single inbox. It saves time in replying everyone particularly.


Native Analytics

This provides the beneath information on your Facebook page. Everything about your page likes, followers and share. It compares the past and present performance with the similar types of pages on FB. It is among one of the best social media marketing tools you can start for analytics.


Twitter Analytics

It shows all the data and your audience analysis according to your post & tells you about the top content.


Todo List

It is similar like to-do list it creates a calendar for you and helps you to manage all things according to it without missing it.


Final Thought

These are the top 10 brands that provide and assist you according to the analysis. If you really want to boost the marketing activity then do try these to increase the traffic flow.


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