Time-saving social media marketing tools

Time-saving social media marketing tools

Social media has drastically changed in the past few years. Their strategies, interaction and work pattern. Thus the marketing strategies got a globe turn over their presentation. Marketers now use things according to trending.

Social media has become a tight and impact platform for the advertisement of any product. It is now a key element to increase the traffic rate over the website. It has just become the fastest communication platform to reach out.

List of Few Social Media Tools That Makes Thing Easier For You.


It is one of the best tools that let you know about the followers and sidekicks. It also allows the view of unfollows. It helps in eliminating spam or inactive followers basically used on Twitter and Instagram.

Engages a right and targeted audience for your business puts your website in front of the right people. It also provides a direct message marketing facility.


Have you seen Pinterest but this is not increasing your fan base then it helps in getting you to the next level.  It circulates your pins automatically without any reminder. Helps in finding relevant pins for you related to your new content.

Deletes duplicate contents and maintain your content fresh. Allows your content that can be shared by the other pinners.


Their comprehensive dashboards allow you to manage all your social media account in one place. It helps you to create a scheduled post, tracks all engagement and monitors the content. You can also get an extension and add-ons.


Tweetdeck is basically for twitter accounts. It helps you to stay on top everything example ‘likes, retweets, followers and tweets’. This lets you give more visibility and hence maximizes performance.

Google Alerts

Google alerts are provided by Google. It provides you the recent and most relevant topics directly to your inbox. You can easily customize and tag anything for an alert. You can also set the result parameters according to your need.


Facing issues on social media not able to find the right content for your right audience then PostPlanner is the best tool for it. It helps in finding a new post, it schedules the work smartly and improves the quality of the content.

It creates a personal content library for your targeted audience based on the keywords. It recycles the evergreen popular posts. It creates an algorithm as per your posting pattern and content performances.


It is known as the meeting spot for all of your social media inboxes. Messages can be sorted, tagged and assigned as per the workflow. It also handles the social media management tool and analysis by tracking the platforms.


Spike is the tracker that tracks down the millions of content related to videos, articles, and posts. It ranks the strongest stories or posts performing in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It provides comprehensive look themes and topics that are trending in the niche by the marketers.


These were the some double BB (best and basic) tools that save your time and help in managing little things for you. Try to add these on your work and enjoy the difference.