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Top 10 Bloggers in India

Over the last few years, there has been an enormous shift towards digital media and drastic change in how users interact on the internet. This rapid change triggered a massive rise in the web traffic, pulling along blogging and content creation with the tide. Today, we see a lot of blogs sites, lots of content and even greater revenues with these blogs. If you look in the right place, you can find blogs for almost anything – technology, gadgets, fashion, food, travel, science, auto. Name a thing and there is a blog for it. But, do you ever wonder about the faces behind these blogs, the names contributing and influencing the readers through the blogs.

Let’s introduce you to the top 10 bloggers in India and know about their creations.

Amit Agarwal – the first professional blogger

Back in 2004, when many of us didn’t even know about blogs, Amit Agarwal launched his blog Digital Inspiration. With a graduation certificate in computer science from IIT Roorkee and 5 years of industrial experience, the techie started writing about software tools and mobile apps. Soon, Amit’s blog gained a lot of popularity, making him India’s first professional blogger. Since then, he has expanded his domain and has been contributing greatly to the blogging industry. Today, his website receives over 3 million monthly viewers and is among the top 100 international tech blogs.

Shradha Sharma – an inspiration

Inspiring the youth, entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts with her blog – YourStory, Shradha Sharma launched her blog in 2008. The blog features success stories and the journey of entrepreneurs and startups, and inspiring talks for enthusiasts. Not only in India, YourStory is a success globally.

Srinivas Tamada – our language geek

Next on our list of top 10 bloggers in India is Srinivas Tamada with his blog on programming language – 9Lessons. His blog majorly talks about the popular programming languages from Ajax, Database and PHP to more niche web designing and development scripts. It is a great place for beginners to plan their roadmap for upskilling themselves.

Amit Bhawani – the Android critic

A popular name among tech bloggers and gadget critics, Amit Bhawani started his journey in 2005 with and later launched PhoneRadar. Blogging about devices, gadgets and smartphones, this tech blogger from Hyderabad has a sizable fanbase.

Jignesh Padhiyar – An Apple lover

Mr.Padhiyar joined the blogging community fairly recently, with his Apple exosystem focused blog iGeeksBlog in 2012. In his blog, he talks about the iOS ecosystem, the Apple products – launches, updates, product reviews and apps. So, if you are an Apple fan like him, is it quite an interesting space to follow.

Malini Agarwal – The fashion diva

The fashion and lifestyle industry has changed a lot recently. Malini Agarwal is among the early birds who started her journey as a lifestyle blogger with in 2008. She is one of the most influential and trending personalities in the fashion blog space and her blogs primarily focus on Bollywood – updates, gossip and lifestyle.

Pradeep Kumar – Your SEO guide

What started out as a hobby for 17 year old Pradeep Kumar, turned into an exciting space for SEO enthusiasts. Infect Pradeep’s blog Hellbound Bloggers is targeted to sharing information about SEO, software’s, WordPress and various other web space components.  His dedication and contributions has added him to the Top 10 Bloggers in India list

Ashish Sinha – Techie by nature

After working with some of the tech giants like IBM and Yahoo, Ashish Sinha took on the blogging space with his fantastic tech blog – Next Big What. His blog is quite popular among tech enthusiasts as the content is focused on latest technology, innovations, tips and tricks, new gadgets and what not.

Jaspal Singh – your Adsense advisor

Jaspal Singh’s is among the top AdSense advisors in the blogging space. In his blog, he share information and critical tips on how to use content marketing and AdSense to general revenue.

Shivya Nath – a wandering soul

A young girl from Dehradun with the love of travel, started her blog The Shooting Star to share her travel experiences and stories. Also an author to a top seller book with the same name, Shivya has also worked with numerous tourism boards and is quite popular among her followers.

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