Top 10 digital marketing company in India – You Must Know

Top 10 digital marketing company in India

When people think of marketing, they ask ‘How can we do it on digital media?’ . Over the last decade, especially in the last years, digital marketing has grown and gained pace. Be it any industry, audience or location, everyone is expanding digitally. For companies, marketing has become more than just ads. It has also become about applying SEO algorithms, consumer trends, tech and racing ahead of the crowd.
With this rapid shift towards online and social media platforms, many digital marketing agencies have made a name for themselves. Here are the top 10 digital marketing company in India leading the market.


The current digital marketing landscape is quite diverse. You have websites, social media, online markets, online stores and more. And each of these involves their set of promos, research and branding schemes. Adsyndicate is an agency that supports businesses across this varied industry with their research, planning and branding services.


Starting from a small room in Delhi in 1999, Webchutney has expanded to the major cities and industries. The company offers unique marketing campaigns and at par advert solutions. Enabling them to proudly runs the programs for some major players in tech and B2C space.


Among some of the highly renowned names in the marketing, Ogilvy started its journey in the 1980s. With a global presence, the agency specializes in shaping the brand image and PR. Having won many awards for their branding and digital change, it is among the best PR agencies.


Phonethics is one of the few marketing agencies with services branching into mobile marketing and app development. Along with their social media campaigns and advertising services including content marketing. The company is also involved in the client management space.  Alongside wining many awards for PR and mobile app segments.


Content is a key resource in the digital marketing space, and Pinstorm is great at handling it. Started in 2004, Pinstorm has evolved as a digital marketing expert with exceptional performance in content marketing. With their marketing and SEO services, the company has driven many successful digital campaigns.

Mirum India

Founded in 2009 and gaining global recognition, Mirum India has made a mark in the digital industry. Working in some of the niche segments like OEM, corporate blogging etc., the agency supports some big brands.


WatConsult is another great marketing company that offers a complete digital marketing package. From product launches to branding and business research they cover them all. WatConsult drives are known for their unique and out of the box thinking.


Fairly new in the market, as compared to its peers, Niswey started the journey in 2011. Their services are mainly focused to content and lead generation. Hence, a perfect partner for mid-sized companies, Niswey is one of the best marketing company in India.


ClickBig, is a popular and successful digital media expert from Ahmedabad. They are known for their automation solutions and targeted drives. ClickBig also offers content and social media marketing, SEO, Google Ads and many more services.


From driving successful adverts to branding and digital media solutions, the agency offers a wide range of services for their varied client base. With over two decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, BCWebwise has a great presence in the Indian market. Therefore, making it a popular choice among popular Indian brands.


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