Top SEO tips you will want to use right now

SEO tips of the year

You might have heard of the term SEO that stands for Search engine optimization. It is niche of modern techniques that drive the modern digital marketing space. It helps in maximizing or increasing the number of visitors on your website by increasing the traffic rate. But, with the fast paced digital world, it is smart to keep up with the top SEO tips and trends.

You must be using the SEO tool for increasing the traffic flow but you still don’t the depth of it. The main object here is that you might be skipping a few things that must be used now.

Three things should be known by the user

  • You should know about your site
  • Purpose
  • Commitment

You must know the importance of these terms that let you understand more deeply how things work. You might be using several tools but few small things were never in your concern. So here are a few important tips you might follow to get the best of SEO.


  • About the website
    The website should be on a specific matter. There can be other matter but try to be more specific on the primary one. This step will help you in your keyword searches, so try to choose an important keyword..
  • Avoid # in urls
    Try not to use the # in URLs. Google bot does not support the index that contains URLs with the #
  • Mentioning of keywords that are important
    Mentioning of keywords matters the most in site, title, domain, tagline, blog categories, page titles, page content, descriptions, and
    You can also use a plugin that might help you but to use fully operated then use a proper SEO tool.
  • Donating or charity
    Donating or doing charity to the non-profitable organisation will affect your work. While the thought is noble, they are against the guidelines of Google webmaster. So try not performing activities that are against the terms and condition of Google..
  • Using a permanent link or a permalink structure for a website
    Your permalink must contain some keyword related to the website. If your site does not have a proper permalink structure it gives a bad impact for example:Replacing   with of using random redirects, your link should have a keyword that makes it beautiful and intuitive.
  • Slow website situation
    Heavy graphic images, highly content designs font and page designs can slow down the website of yours. Page load time is critical metric in the SEO. And so, you can improve it by avoiding large or high resolution pictures, different fonts, and different designs.
    Some other things might also affect your loading time like flash graphics, music players, video players, and unwanted plugins..
  • Keywords in your image
    By using the right keyword on the images , inserting keywords in the description or in the image title you can turn tables. You can also re-title your keyword..
  • Update or upload
    Updating your website daily will surely provide you’re with the quality content. Also, giving a fresh view and improving the content can help with your rank..
  • Smooth user experience 
    Keep your website speed to 2-3-4 seconds for the users. Tool for this is WebPageTest.
  • Plan before a secure protocol Migration
    Before switching try to change your internal links to HTTPS if you migrate from HTTP to HTTPS.

Final Thoughts

These were the few basic tips that you weren’t aware of. Always remember that content matters a lot so try to focus on it. Hopefully, these tips might guide you a better way and enable you to improve your SEO journey.


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