Why should you be using Google Adwords for business websites?

Google Adwords for business

Advertising and marketing are an intrinsic part of any business, small or large, irrespective of the industry vertical. These are key to driving brand awareness and engaging with the customer, and in turn generate revenue. And over the last few decades, this sector has undergone a major revolution, the ‘Digital Revolution’ if you may say. And Google, one of the tech giants, has played a critical role in fueling this shift with Google Adsense and Google Adwords for business (and its predecessors).

For almost two decades, Google has been in the advertising business, and with the markets rapidly moving towards digitization, Google Adwords has occupied a critical position. Making this dynamic advertising system a gateway for numerous organisations. 

While some companies still rely on their generic and organic SEO methodologies, many have slingshotted themselves ahead in the race by tapping into the potential of Google Adwords. So, if you are a business that is yet to introduce themselves to this marvellous platform. Here are some great reasons that should make you relook your marketing landscape.

Adwords supersedes SEO in effectiveness

There are no second thoughts that SEO is necessary for websites and it drives a huge share of how the search results operate. But, when you talk of visibility and traffic, it is a long term plan. It is an iterative process and takes time to get results. However, with Adwords (PPC – Pay per click campaigns) you can target quick wins. It means that you can see traffic conversion and visitors really quickly. But again, Adwords does replaces SEO, but supports it and improves returns.


It offers tangibility and transparency

When driving your marketing campaigns, one of the biggest concerns is to see tangible results. One cannot get a precise measurement of the rankings and how exactly does a change in impacts your ranking. With the Adwords PPC framework, you can leverage a variety of metrics to evaluate your options and their impact. Webmasters can use specialized Google Adwords Keyword tools for KW research and planning as well. Simply put, with Adwords, marketers can see results and outcome for their changes on their fingertips.


Leverage the potential of the Google ecosystem

Google undoubtedly has one of the most widespread ecosystems and consumer bases. And the way various products and applications are integrated, making it a platform with great offerings for marketers. With Adwords, advertisers can use integrated Gmail Ads to target email marketing strategies. And also various other tools and platforms that the Adwords package offers.


Flexibility and complete control of your marketing strategy

One of the greatest benefits of Google Adwords over other marketing strategies and SEO is that you can have complete control over your campaign. This means that you can focus on multiple strategies, turn them on/off on the fly, and observe the impact almost instantaneously. This means you can bid on KWs, stop or reinstate your campaigns and expenses as you seem fit.


Outrank the competition with minimal effort

There are numerous PPC and ads campaign options out there. But the benefit of using Adwords is that it is powerful and the centre-stage of all action. It gives you an edge over your competition and enables you to promote your brand. You can use ‘Target Outrank’ features on Google Keyword Planner to outrank the bid of your target competitors. And also get insights on the performance of your competition.


Know your market, test your campaigns and analyse results

Before driving any effective marketing campaign, market research is a necessity.  Research to understand the needs and demand of the target consumers, the market trends, demographic, interests etc. And all this can be derived from analysis of data, but gathering this requires exhaustive resources and time. With Google Adwords serving a common platform, it consolidates, analyzes and makes this readily available for advertisers. And all this coupled with the robust Google Analytics, Keyword Planner and other applications like Cloud Platform can multiply its value.
This information and performance analysis can enable marketers to focus on potential users and optimize their strategies.


For some of the features like keyword research, you don’t need to drive a campaign, just a Google Adwords login. If you are just an enthusiast testing the waters, you can check out some basis for the Keyword Planner over here. And for the professionals looking to use Google Adwords for business and get Google Adwords Certification, there are some amazing learning resources you can use. 

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